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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 23, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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francisco! pope francisco! what a moment for these people here. what a moment for them anderson. as you know i'm catholic but whether or not i am catholic what an amazing day. 3,500 seminaryns. what a restitution of the faith. and he's just beaming, anderson. the smile on his face. the enthusiasm as he greets the crowd. he wants to be here every bit as much as they do. >> chris, let's just listen in to the sounds and watch the sights of pope francis meet this crowd that has been waiting. i was there last night. they have been waiting an awfully long time. let's just listen in.
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> you really get a sense of the excitement there. chris, explain what is going to happen now for the next several hours there. >> oh sure. let me bring in rosa flores who's with me. she was on the papal plane. personally blessed by pope francis, and again for a catholic it's just a really big deal. he's the head of the church. to see your enthusiasm and having grown up in the church as i did, what a great thing. i was so jealous, but now he passed by. >> so you're blessed too. >> i feel a little better now. >> but this is a big deal.
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canonization canonization mass, what does it mean that he is hispanic to the latino community here? >> it's a really big deal. but i think i have to backtrack a little bit because there's a lot of controversy about this particular priest. >> junipero serra. >> junipero serra. and i have to go back to something that a priest told me who knows pope francis very well. pope francis looks at your shoes when he first sees you coming back from the seminary. because if your chews areshoes are dirty that means you were out in the community, you were evangelizing you were with the people. and that's what he likes. now, if what we learned in south america is any indication he very much is in tune with the activist priest the priest that defends the rights of people the priest that will fight with the government in order for them -- >> explain what that means. >> he used it in brazil. you know it very well. telling the youth i want you to
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make a mess. >> make a raucous. >> that goes back to something pope francis said i'd rather have an injured church than a sick church. because if you isolate yourself don't talk to anybody, you're going to grow mold. we know what houses that are closed in smell like. he's like i don't want that for the church. and so it's kind of all in the same lines of what we've been hearing. now, about the controversy because we cannot not talk about the controversy. >> especially for the native american community and latino community also. >> absolutely. so junipero serra came here as a missionary but it was mexico then. now it's california. he was a missionary in mexico and he started evangelizing in other words converting native americans into catholicism. so there's a lot of criticism about that. and a lot of pain. you know our history, native americans, latinos, mexicans, this was mexico back in the day. and so there is a lot of pain. and those groups say, you know
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these are open wounds. and now the catholic chrch is celebrating someone we were hurt by. >> and we had a professor on who was part of the resistance movement of 50 tribes got together to voice this criticism. and one of their complaints is that they hadn't heard from the vatican vatican. delia gallagher said the pope is going to meet and answer their concerns. as to what's going to happen here it's definitely a mass, first mass in the united states but it's a kacanonization mass. it was a long process. first he was beat fied there will be a relic, a piece of junipero serra that will be brought up to the altar during this. anderson 1,000 concelebrants will be there but the mass will be said by pope francis and saint will be made in a few moments. >> we should point to our viewers the pope has gone inside probably for about two or three minutes. he'll then be coming outside mass be celebrated outside. there's too many people to fit inside. this is the largest basilica in
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the united states. i'm joined by our senior vatican analyst john alan also by our vatican correspondent delia gallagher. john alan you've seen a lot of events like this. explain some of what really stood out for you so far today and what you expect later today. >> you're right, anderson. i've been covering papal trips for almost 20 years. at some level it's easy to become jaded when you see the crowds and the addoration. i was with francis when he had a crowd of 6.5 million. while the turnout here while impressive is dwarfed by that. but as an american i have to say there is something special about seeing the kind of universal appeal this pope has. if you looked in the streets as he was moving through them yeah, there were a lot of catholics for whom this was a kind of religious experience. but there are plenty of other americans of all stripes who turned out in part i suppose of curiosity but in part because this man exercises a kind of
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appeal as a voice of conscience and moral point of reference people are hungry for. what stood out to me in listening for the pope speak -- >> let's just listen to his welcome as he walks inside the basilica. ♪ ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> delia gallagher, explain a little bit about what's going to happen. just listening to this response
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and to see, i mean priests and nuns people reaching out, i mean the excitement is just extraordinary. >> yeah. well, what happens in a canon canonization mass is that the canonization happens first as soon as the pope announces the words of the canonization then that actually happens. and then they go into the mass. so what we will see is the postulateor of the call the man in charge of gathering all the information will read out part of the biography of junipero serra. then they will do that wonderful litany of saints which we also hear at the conclave when a pope is elected singing and invoking the blessing of the saints and then we have the canonization announced by the pope. >> the pope is inside for a few minutes. we're going to take a short break. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. pope francis not yet beginning the celebration of the mass but we are beginning to see him emerging. we're going to replay some images we saw just a short time ago, pope francis praying before the mass begins. we're joined by john alan cnn
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senior analyst, delia gallagher. father in terms of what we should expect and what viewers should expect to see over the next hour or so can you just explain what's going to happen? >> it's going to be a very familiar mass to many catholics. at the beginning though there's going to be the rite of canonization. it's not very long but it's in a sense a ritual that proclaims junipero serra a saint. and so people will be very familiar with the mass as we watch it but it takes on a very festive quality because it's mass with the pope. so you're going to see a great deal of exuberance particularly in those who are attending and con concelebrating. >> just the welcome that the pope received i mean i've never seen such excitement among priests and nuns. i mean i've been obviously in st. peters square and seen some of that but it was just an extraordinary welcome. >> well he's a superstar, there's no question about it. but i think we realize that pope doesn't really mean much to us.
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pontiff is the bridge between really people and god, christ. and so the people who really push the security aside and wanted to touch him, that's almost like touching the person who can touch the face of god. that's why there's such a clamber to get near him. >> these are some of the scenes we saw moments ago before the commercial break. just an amazing, amazing welcome. delia, in terms of he spoke earlier today to bishops at st. matthews what stood out to you there? because he talked about immigration a lot and about himself coming from the south. >> well i think this is really something that the pope sees as this is his time for the latino community. he said to the bishops, you know your christian communities have been very good at welcoming immigrants. as a pastor from the south i ask you to welcome this new influx of latino immigrants. so kind of taking a special care and saying i myself am one of them and i want you -- i want to
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entrust them to you and i want you to take special care of them. and now of course going into this mass in which he will give the homily in spanish. and in which he's canonizing a spanish-american saint shows that kind of special attention for the pope towards the latino community. >> obviously the pope is very well aware in the united states you know some 32 million u.s. catholic who is are brought up in the catholic faith have left the faith. that's obviously a concern long-term for the church. this is in part a mission to revitalize to bring excitement back to many people maybe who have left the faith and want to come back. >> sure. and another thing, anderson despite the fact one in every ten americans these days is an ex-catholic, the catholic share of the american population is holding steady around 25%. how do you square these two thing sns because of a rising tide of immigration particularly hispanic immigration. the dominant trend in american catholicism these days according
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to the head of the pew form is what he calls the browning meaning this mounting constituency. i think the pope in part today -- now, the heart of this is to declare an individual figure a saint. but i think a bit of sub text here is it is a sort of papal tip of the zuchetto saying you're not only our present, you're our future. >> father, you're a -- this is the first such in history. as such there's no change in doctrine of the church. his emphasis is really seemingly unique to him in that he's -- he wants the church to really reach out to people where they are. to roll up their sleeves, to be out there with the people tomorrow after speaking to a joint meeting in congress on capitol hill he's not having lunch on capitol hill. he's lunching with catholic charities, with the homeless with the mentally ill.
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that's representative of who this man is. >> yeah. we have not had a pope from a religious order since the mid 19th century. this is unique in our era. and remember they are missionary order. they go beyond their comfort zone. they go beyond what's familiar. and that's what he wants the church to do. he doesn't want the church to be self-preferential. he wants it to go out. i love that image he uses of the church as a field hospital. the way in which he preaches through symbol recognizing symbol is often more powerful than any words he's going to say. so i think we're going to see a lot of his training and formation come alive in this visit as i think we already have. >> one of the things i read he'd said a while back is describing pastors as shepherds who in his words smell of the sheep, which i thought was really interesting way of putting it that sense of being out there where the people are. >> i'll never forget when he said that at st. peters it was really a mass where priests recognize their calling to priesthood.
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and he really gave that vivid image which he's really called upon bishops to instill in their seminaryies and priests. it's a beautiful image. it has sunk in with the people of god. the people of god want priests and bishops who have in a sense the smell of the flock. >> delia, this is a pope that's talked about change with the vatican structure, within the vatican bank all things seize problem inherited from years passed. how big a change has he made within the structure of the vatican itself? >> well look it's very tough to change the vatican bureaucracy that's been around for a millennia. but he has made inroads on that started by benedict xvi with the bank but certainly pope francis has been very adamant that there be further transparency that the board of directors there be
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replaced and renewed, that he put in an oversight board. cardinal george pell on the economic sec tart from australia who is a kind of outsider he brought him in. so he is trying to make some important changes there that are still going on. >> we're going to take a short break before this mass begins. we'll be right back.
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declares junipero serra a saint. and then mass continues there with the glory. it's part of the mass and it's a shortened rite. pope francis himself shortened the rite. he as we know from his very first mass as a pope he doesn't like long, longly litergical
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♪ ♪ >> and you're watching this is the beginning of the first celebration of the first mass pope francis has celebrated in the united states. this obviously his first trip to the united states in his entire life. 78 years old, 266th pope first jesuit pope in history. we're also joined by delia gallagher, john allen and also father timothy kesicki. father can you just explain what we should be looking for now in the next several minutes? >> yes. so they're singing the oh come
1:35 pm
holy spirit. invoke the holy spirit at a canonization mass. and the postulator the one promoting the cause of canonization will read the biography of saint junipero serra. there will be a litany of the saints and then there will be a formal request of the holy father to proclaim him a saint. [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: holy mother church, earn esesty teaches your holiness to enter saints so that he may be as such for all christian faithful.
1:36 pm
[ speaking spanish ] >> translator: junipero serra was born in 1713. he entered the order of the francis franciscans when he was young. and he was ordained as a priest in 1737. he was a confessor of philosophy -- >> explain to our viewers this is the beginning of the canonization. and explain that process and how long this is taking. was this something that was fast tracked, john? >> that's right. the technical term for this anderson is this is an equi polate canonization. the pope suspends for a second
1:37 pm
miracle. so the batification follow the normal process, after that the pope decides to speed things up because he decided he wanted to immediately be able to canonize evangelizers of the various parts of the world he's visiting. and junipero serra of course evangelized missionary was the great 18th century missionary of what is today california. founding a string of missions some of which developed into the great cities of the west coast, san diego, san francisco and so on. >> there's been some criticism of this. and the pope actually when on a prior trip to south america actually apologized for colonization activities early on and its effect on indigenous populations. that's at the heart of some of the criticism of this missionary. >> sure. but i think the pope is now attaching his personal authorities to the verdict that was reached by the congregation for saints in rome which is the vatican department that handles these causes which is that
1:38 pm
although abuses certainly were committed in the colonization serra nevertheless did what he could to try to mitigate those abuses to try to protect them from the worst of the colonial system. and by the standards of his times therefore a moral hero. >> we're going to take a short break. more when we continue. >> translator: two years later -- ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. salt. pepper. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it.
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♪ ♪ as we continue to watch first celebration of mass by the pope in the united states i want to go to chris cuomo who is standing by outside watching as
1:43 pm
well. chris. >> hey, anderson. we're watching the mass here. obviously people are following along. they've been speaking in latin right now for the prayers, also in spanish. there was the description of father junipero serra, a priest was recounting the good works that the missionary did out in california building nine missions. he also took time to discuss a sensitivity to the culture. remember this is a controversial subject for many native american groups 50 tribes bound together to resist the canonization of serra. so the priest in that part of the ceremony took time to reflect on serra's care and concern for the people that he was made missionary for. the big part of this ceremony will also be a relic of junipero serra, which is literally a piece of his body that is brought up as part of the process of making him a saint. >> delia gallagher, you said
1:44 pm
he's also going to be meeting -- the pope will actually be meeting after mass with whom? >> yeah. i think in response and as a sign of his sensitivity to this issue, he is meeting with 20 representatives of the california native american population. so he'll have a chance to spend a bit of time with them and perhaps listen to some of their concerns. >> father kesicki, just for our viewers who have not been to mass before or following along at home what happens over the next several minutes? >> right now we're hearing the litany of the saints. and this is invoking the name of many saints going back from the earliest days of the church to the present. we're going to hear some saints from the americas st. catharine drexel st. elizabeth anne seaton the first american saint. we'll hear a native american
1:45 pm
saint invoked. for a jesuit pope there will be some jesuit saints blessed miguel and many other saints representing different religious orders. and of course after the canonization blessed junipero serra will be in the litany of the saints. >> the litany of the saints of course is one of those things anderson, if you remember at the conclave they go in and elect a new pope both of the things we've heard chanted today, the come holy spirit at the beginning, and in the litany of saints they're always invoking the help of the holy spirit and the saints who are already in heaven upon this ceremony. so upon the conclave when they elect a new pope this decision to make junipero serra a saint. >> father kesicki, the
1:46 pm
experience of this pope's early experiences in argentina and how that has influenced his understanding of the role of the church. he from a very early time was spending time in the streets, was living a very humble life. >> yes. he was a jesuit provincial. he had authority at a very young age and in a very controversial time in the church in argentina. it was during the dirty war. it was divided politically. it was divided e edd eclisially. he encouraged his young jesuits live with the poor learn from the poor there you'll find your peace. it's been consistent his whole life really in his ministry. just build on that. when i went to argentina immediately after france lyly francis' election i asked if this was pr or real and
1:47 pm
said go out and ask. and we took seven or eight people and we stopped them and said what can you tell me about the former archbishop now pope? before they answered they went into tin shacks and wooden sacks they called homes and found these prized photos that showed the new pope baptizing their kids confirming their kids sitting in the living room when the husband died because that's where he spent his time. actually that parish in this slum had a mass to celebrate his election as pope. and the pastor invited everyone to bring their pictures. thousands of people showed up with pictures of him in their private homes, in the streets at their celebrations. it was like a living photo album. so this is not some faux pr exercise. it's who the man really is. >> and he's continued that even as pope if not living in the papal apartment that his predecessor had lived in living obviously within the vatican but in a much what is it a three-room apartment? a much simpler apartment.
1:48 pm
>> sort of like a residence suites. it's in a place basically a hotel on vatican grounds. it's got a bedroom, a receiving room and a small sort of kitchenette. i mean yeah he wants to walk his own talk. my favorite story about that is the way he works the phone for himself. you know rather than having people place his calls including calling his newspaper delivery guy in buenos aires the very morning after being elected pope to say, hey, i'm not coming back can you please cancel my subscription. >> and the guy didn't really believe it was the pope right? >> and of course the successor in bunz arz got mad. >> we say the first time in the united states for pope francis, part of the reason for that is because he believed he wanted to stay with his people in argentina the whole time he was bishop and archbishop there he hadn't even been to the holy land until his trip as pope last year. so this is a pope who really
1:49 pm
does believe in staying with his flock. and it's something he said to the bishops as well today. >> let's listen in. [ speaking in a foreign language ]
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
♪ or john paul to be canonized. >> john paul has. >> he has been canonized. >> yeah. >> that was also fast tracked? >> yes. in fact what's interesting of course is we were talking earlier, anderson about how francis seemed to blend messages this morning to some extent cut to the right and to the left at the same time and addressed to the president. he canonized john paul ii together with pope john paul xxiii and in catholic affairs often seen a great hee roar of the left, john paul ii a great hero of the right. very much wants to be a man of balance. >> we're going to take a short break. we'll be right back.
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♪ you're watching live coverage of the first mass celebrated by pope francis in the united states. the largest basilica in the united states the campus of catholic university. senior vatican analyst john allen, father tim kesicki. i'm getting questions from viewers asking about the pope's health. it seems at times to be sort of i don't know grimaceing is the right word but a little wincing. >> we just saw him being helped back to the seat and it was obvious he was in a little bit of pain. the vatican confirmed last year that the pope has a condition called sciatica. basically it's a nerve condition that every now and then can cause pain running from your back to your leg.
1:57 pm
particularly if you've been standing for a long time or walk long distances or move suddenly. the vatican confirmed this or the pope canceled a tradition body of christ last year because it was simply too long for him to walk. not fatal. not life threatening. not degenerative. something he's lived with for a long time. it's just uncomfortable. >> this pope also had -- >> when he was 19 years old he had a very severe respiratory infection and they took a piece of his left lung out. he's lived with that for a very long time. obviously none of this has prevented him from being the energizer bunny of popes. he keeps up a schedule people half his age would have difficulty maintaining. >> father kesicki, you've celebrated mass with this pope? >> yes. it was only 50 about seven or eight priests, very quiet mass. quite different than what you're seeing here. and you get a sense of his personal serenity. he comes out wearing the only
1:58 pm
way you know he's pope is the white cap. and he comes out and quietly sits in his chair and doesn't come to life really until he's preaching. that's when you see his personality and charisma. i've also concelebrated at st. peter's basilica. he's very much serene and contemplate of prayer except when he's talking to people. >> translator: let us pray. oh god, by your mercy been pleased through the labors of your priest saint junipero serra to count many american peoples within your church into session we may so join our hearts to you in love as to carry always and everywhere before all people the
1:59 pm
image of your only begotten son who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit one god forever and ever. >> well that's it for us "the lead." i'm anderson cooper in for jake tapper. our coverage continues now with brianna keilar in "the situation room." gina --
2:00 pm
[ speaking in a foreign language ] [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> translator: the word of the lord.


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